Mother Nature Made the Oysters

(We just perfected them.)

Our Charbroiled Oysters are legendary. It all started back in 1993, when Tommy Cvitanovich, our second generation restaurant manager, decided to experiment with a sauce of garlic, butter and herbs. He brushed it on a fresh batch of oysters, then dusted them with a blend of Parmesan and Romano cheese and cooked them in their shell on a hot grill. The results were incredibly delicious—and a legend was born!

Since then, these special oysters have become a favorite among Drago’s patrons and restaurant critics alike. On a busy day, our grills turn out more than 900 dozen Charbroiled Oysters a day.

Oyster harvest
Fresh Louisiana oysters, from the waters to your plate!

Our Charbroiled Oysters have a lot of imitators, but our quality and freshness cannot be duplicated. We pamper our oysters even before they leave the water. They are hand selected by our very own fisherman, which load our own refrigerated trucks right at the dock. Our oysters are escorted directly from the water to the restaurant, where they are opened by hand.

Here at Drago’s, oysters aren’t just oysters—they’re a way of life. We’re proud to be part of long legacy of oyster farming in Louisiana, a legacy begun by Croatian immigrants many generations ago. We are all family. We are all friends. We take care of each other. And you can taste the difference.

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